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The Career of Alzheimer’s Advocate Brad Sudol

June 22, 2018
As a way to support himself and his family, Brad Sudol works hard as a Philadelphia-based certified master electrician. Over time, he has developed quite a reputation in his specialty, which is low-voltage wiring. Because he has been doing this a while and he has gained a lot of experience, his clients rely on him to get the job done and his customers and clients appreciate his professionalism. Given that he has been certified as a safe electrician by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), it is clear he likes to work with electricity as safely as possible.

Brad Sudol also has been certified by NCCER for his skills as a carpenter and an electrician, and he also has a certification to perform electrical work on fire alarms. That doesn’t mean he does nothing with his life but work. When he isn’t working with electricity, Brad is an advocate for those who are working to end the suffering caused by Alzheimer’s, which is a debilitating disease and the most common form of dementia. This disease is so pernicious, it affects more than just the afflicted person, but also everyone associated with them, including family and friends.

Alzheimer’s causes serious problems with memory, thinking and behavior. The memory loss alone is very often so severe as to have a negative impact on the sufferer’s daily life, to the point that it often requires daily nursing care to maintain their lifestyle. It is Brad Sudol’s fervent wish to increase awareness of Alzheimer’s and to see that everyone contributes to finding a cure, which he hopes will happen within his lifetime. Whereas Alzheimer’s is closely associated with old age because the vast majority of Alzheimer’s sufferers are 65 and older, nearly one-in-20 Alzheimer’s patients are afflicted with the “early-onset” version of the disease, which can affect some people while they are still in their 40s or 50s.